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Outrageous Conversations

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Outrageous conversations in Nature. You feel a sense of connection and wonder when out in the beauty of Nature.  Sharing this with a trusted circle is very invigorating and inspiring.  Our compassionate circles meet from time to time outside away from the desktop or iphone.  Plugging into each other and exploring ideas and concepts about life, purpose and relationships.   Exploring the inside-out!


Through being present, in awe of each other and taking care of our compassionate hearts.  We speak our truth and make the way clearer to live with integrity, courage and authenticity.


Locations: Mountain landscapes and Ocean Seascapes 

Back Story

It was the 90's that wild women network became my life's work.  Teaching and leading a facilitator for life training program through Nature Care College. This was way before facebook and social media.

We grew through word of mouth.

The program was for women and men, mostly women attended and a few men and this worked well.

After a decade of this offering, I moved into the city and corporate training in mental health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness and positive psychology gained recognition and validation - I found I was welcomed in many industries and corporate offices.  Two decades of working in this area and then the global pandemic stopped it all for me. A true reckoning for all of us, everywhere.  

  For the past two years I settled into a more homebased work-life harmony and Telehealth and video calls are abundant and demanding.

Now with restrictions lifted I have felt the urge to revision the way I work and where I work. Locations outside in Nature are therapeutic and inspirational and I am keen to gather women to join me.

It is time to come out into Nature again and for you to meet like hearted women, together

 we can upflift and inspire; nourish and deepen friendships.

Nature is the home that lovingly holds us and teaches us.

My joy is that we be nourished by Nature and her wisdom, that we revision how we can live in harmony and give back to our beautiful planet for all that we receive.

Outrageous conversations in Nature  can be the compassionate safe space to help sustain your personal mission.

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