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Leading a fulfilling life - e.learning download

Leading a fulfilling life - e.learning download


Leading a fulfilling life is a complete guide to design your own best life.  Ikigai.

This is a complete zip file download. Interactive e.learning modules; with audio instructions and extensive interactive journal.

We all have many different hungers and needs, we try to satisfy our emotional needs with food, alcohol or sex, and mostly food.  For many of us this brings up a whole lot of damaging self-beliefs and ideals around beauty, health and worthiness.  Leading a fulfilling life 30 day challenge has two main instructional tools, 1 the 30 X 10 minute audio instructions and guided meditations and 2: A colourful  journal outlining 30  lesson.  The  program is designed to help you nourish your body mind and soul in practical and inspirational ways. From Simonette's lived experiences and working with thousands of people to reconnect in loving ways to their body through pleasure, sensations, and healthy nourishment.   I have discovered through my own journey and when assisting others with this important recreation of Self that the common theme is to regularly let go of strong feelings of guilt and shame. This means freedom to live a sensually nourishing life and become creative about feeding your emotional hungers. Once we have a program of self care in place; we can contribute to others in meaningful ways - Ikigia is the Japanese term for the question "why do you get out of bed" What is your life purpose? This 30 day audio and workbook program is based on taping into the power of your imagination for creating new ways of satisfying your emotional needs, making meaningful connections and contributing to others. Shedding shame and playing your own game.

Changes in our ways of being, need to be more than psychological or scientifically evidenced, we need to take action in our world to contribute and gain our own evidence from lived experiences. Over time, the new growth becomes embodied.   Your own journey is an inspirational study, and it is never too late to lead a fullfilling life. World Health Organisation WHO reports that Mental and behavioural problems such as anxiety and depression have steadily risen in prevalence and are assigned as being the second top cause of disease and injury. Lifestyle problems such as obesity, contributes to the rapid rise of diabetes, and can be fatal.   In this 30 day challenge you will learn to nourish your emotional wellbeing - to shed your shame from any adversities and to reclaim your gifts and strengths to know your Ikigia and lead a fulfilling life no matter what arises and passes.

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