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Virtues in Action - 44 Card Deck

Virtues in Action - 44 Card Deck

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Creativity and Contemplation Cards for mindful living
This companion meditation product is a beautiful way to practice mindful living, by practicing a specific value for the day.  Simply spreed the card deck out on your table and choose a card from the 44 colourful values. Your choice, is the value you will explore for that day, or will guide you and  inspire your daily and weekly spiritual practices.  Then the next day choose another and that Value will guide your activities and your quality of mind - be in your creative flow.
There are nine categories of and a total of 44 virtues and qualities within this contemplation series. By developing these qualities and characteristics through regular contemplation and compassionate action, you can enrich your life and those around you. Your loving actions benefit and contribute to All.
Contemplation practice:44 Contemplation Virtue Cards by Simonette Vaja
When you select a virtue from the 44 Contemplation Cards, you can hold this quality in your awareness and practice it for as long as you like.

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