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Insatiable Hunger - are you driving too fast? Simonette Vaja - Wellbeing Resources

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Our fast-paced lives, easy access consumer ways, global internet, beauty myths, family parenting and interpersonal and personal issues have contributed to an insatiable hunger.

Body image and disorders of eating can be understood through the fact that most of us are emotional isolated from ourselves and others and when this is true for us, this emptiness leads to painful cravings that need to be filled – and fast! According to the World health organisation WHO, there is growing concern that mental health issues can effect 1 in 2 people over the course of their working lives. That is way too many. Obesity, Diabetes, coronary heart disease are the top courses of death and the numbers are increasing. We have lost our innate connection to physical hunger we are disconnected from our physical bodies our minds are split internal harsh and conflicting voices. Being an Aussie Psychologist I use the analogy of screeching cockatoos - our worries can make such a racket!

What truly nourishes you in your life? I invite you to join me on a 30 day challenge to connect more fully with yourself, to discover and start contributing your passion to others. Over the 30 days you will become more mindful of your physical hunger and feed that with nourishing simple meals. More importantly you will identify when your hunger is related to emotional needs, like loneliness or anxiety and you will learn how to sit with these emotions like a friend and drink a cup of qualiTEA time together.

There is no time like the present


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