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Being able to listen to your inner truth, gut feelings and intuition is a valuble practice.  These inner wisdom guided meditations assist you to connect with the impressions of your wise self - higher self as known in depth psychology.  Download instructions: You need to download from your laptop computer.  Due to proprietary Apple restrictions you are not able to download to Iphone or Ipads.

Testimonials for Sim's meditations

Glen USA

Thank you for the peaceful moments in such a beautiful place. I enjoyed the visit, and I enjoyed sensing all that is so alive there, and alive in me. Thank you for creating this, and sharing it, with me, and with all of us here. I am grateful. May you know that your kindness and creativity have made a difference. Thank you. 


 Lisa UK

Thank you for this wonderful guidance- it truly took me on a journey at moment when I desperately needed inner wisdom. Your voice, the words, the music brought me back home. I have the clarity and peace I was seeking all day. Namaste!

Kerry Australia

Beautiful, brilliant and enlightening! Opens one's eyes and consciousness to deep and useful insights on oneself. Wonderful way to start the day. 

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