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To my eyes, lovers touching are folded wings in a beautiful prayer - Rumi


Mindful Practices for Couples

Mindful Intimacy is all about loving presence.  Returning to your body and sensuality and after the sharing, allowing for a deep quietening between you.  The experience of loving presence and unity consciousness is deeply nourishing and fulfilling. I have produced a unique 10 audio e.learning program created for both of you.  You can listen to the program together, or on your own.  Meditation practices to cultivate a deeper understanding and love for each other.  Laughter and harmony can return to your relationship.  Vitality into your everyday life. True Intimacy where you can look into each other's eyes with depth of understanding and loving presence.  Gifting your love life with the values of sacred intimacy - harmony and complimentary qualities of masculinity and femininity.  Deep soul connections and expression through your loving relationship. 

Simonette has compiled a private 10 day audio e.learning program for couples and people who are single and interested in exploring sacred intimacy. With inspirational guided visualisations and bonding practices that you can do in the privacy of your own home. 

Additional Mindfulness practices and resources link

Breathing meditation practice for couples 
Infinity Breathing mp3 guides you and your partner in a breathing meditation.  As a foundation practice for your morning meditation routine.  You will love this mp3 download Infinity breathing 


Breathing practice for couples called Infinity breathing is a foundation practice for your morning routine.  You will love this Mp3 single download


Reviews from couples


 Rotterdam, Netherlands

In the midst of a busy life, my love and I have made this infinity breathing part of our weekly togetherness time. Thank you! 


j z e n . . . 

 Portland, OR US

Excellent! What a beautiful practice. Can’t wait to get the full course too! for reviews on insight timer app

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