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Artistry of Wellbeing at Work

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We can relate to how difficult life has been and continues to offer unexpected challenges. We need to have ways to become more resilient in the face of adversities, to learn evidenced-based best approaches that can sustain us and assist us to ride through difficult times with hope. The Artistry of Wellbeing at Work is all about learning and practicing mind healthy skills. As a Trauma-informed psychologist working in workplace mental health and wellbeing, I have selected meditations that have proven to support wellbeing at work, especially for those people who care and support others. Compassion is the antidote to many of our internal struggles with thinking and relationships. Post Pandemic Growth, we will never be the same, we are always growing and learning, adapting and shaping our experiences. When our “mind-set” foundations collapse, the emotional experience is intense and leaves us with a feeling of powerful loss of meaning and connection. Hence existential despair is not something we are inclined to move toward at will, we find the forces of life and circumstances thrust upon us, shoving us toward another way. Our recent personal and collective experience of living during a global pandemic is a perfect example of circumstances outside of our control, forces of nature shoving us toward “another way of being.” Mindfulness practices continue to grow the muscle of attention and focus. The regular practice of meditation has many benefits as you will discover.

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