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COLLECTION: 2013 - 2016

Madona is a beautiful young devotee - possibly the most significant spiritual icon. I often dream of living in an old monastery with a sense of service to humanity. Making wine and eating together at a large wooden table. Not that I am even close to being a Nun but I do try to live a regular family life being a mother and holding a day job as a psychologist and wellbeing coach. I have really enjoyed bringing all the contemplation faces into my life and each face has been a revelation to me in a profoundly healing way. Being in the creative flow is nourishing to me and allows for me to share my Art with you.  I wish you peace and love, happiness and fulfillment in all you do and be. My Art can bring an instant vibe of peace and sacred into your home or Yoga studio. Beautiful and inspiring Yoga heArt.

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