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Reflective Wellbeing Coaching and Retreats in Nature
Simonette Vaja

Senior Consultant Psychologist MAPS



  Join one of our nourishing circles where together we cultivate safe hubs where everyone has the opportunity to be heard, understood, and valued. Join a Reflective Practice Circle for Practitioners, where you gain important insight and self care opportunities to sustain you in your role. There are a number of one day, or ongoing circles to choose from, each deeply nourishing and insightful.   Cultivate self compassion, overcome perfectionism and boost confidence in your inner wisdom. Facilitated by Simonette who holds compassionate and mindful spaces for workplaces and communities. With more than three decades of experience in mental health and wellbeing. 



The Artistry of Wellbeing invites you to become skillful in your self-care practices. The Vision is to nourish compassion in the hearts of people who work hard taking care of others. Together in our compassionate care cirlces and retreats in nature, we grow stronger, belong to a caring and creative community.

When you attend each cirlce you are invited to contribute with courage and confidence and the wisdom to be with what arises and passes through the transitions and continuous cycle of our lives.

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